Museum and Gardens

Exhibitions & Museum

 The Talbot Historical Society has opened a new Museum in the Mary Jenkins      House. The Mary Jenkins House (circa 1790) is one of the oldest frame buildings in  Easton, and was purchased by the Society in 1983.

 The new Museum is designed to capture the spirit of Talbot County. Notable Talbot  County residents who are featured include Edward Lloyd and Henrietta Marie Neall  Bennett Lloyd, Samuel Hambleton, Frederick Douglass, Frank ‘Home Run’ Baker, and  Ruth Starr Rose. The challenge we have accepted is to tell the Talbot County story in a  way that engages the museum visitor. In addition to traditional displays and exhibits, the  Museum features a touch screen and multimedia displays to provide visitors with an  interactive experience.

The galleries at the Neall House will feature the following exhibits for 2017:


    • Historic Homes of Easton and Talbot County
      Open Saturdays April 15 to May 20.








    Unionville - A Celebration of 150 Years
 Opens Saturday, May 27 and ends July 29.









• Trains and the Development of Talbot County
Opens Saturday, August 12 and closes October 7.






• The Working Boats of Talbot County 
Opens Saturday, October 14 and closes December 16.