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When was Talbot County founded and by whom?

Established in 1661 by European settlers who followed the Native Americans’ footsteps.

Who was Talbot County named after?

Lady Grace Talbot, sister of the second Lord Baltimore

How many square miles of shoreline does the County have?

Over 600 square miles, the most of any county in the United States

What other names did Easton go by?

Talbot Courthouse and East Capital because of the important commerce brought to the area by the courthouse and due to the town’s geographic centrality on the Eastern Shore.

What town was home to the Eastern Shore’s first hotel, bank and newspaper?


True or False: Today’s Queen Anne’s and Caroline Counties used to be part of Talbot County?

True; 1706: Queen Anne’s County was created and 1773: Caroline County was created

What religion were many of Talbot County’s earliest residents?


Did Harriett Tubman, of neighboring Dorchester County use Talbot County locations in her Underground Railroad?

It is possible, but documentation of this activity directly in Talbot County is hard to document. After all, rescuing slaves or harboring them was illegal.

Why are The Hill and Unionville significant in African American history?

The Hill neighborhood of Easton is currently being studied by Historic Easton, the University of Maryland and Morgan State University and is likely the earliest settlement of free African-Americans in the United States, dating to 1790.  Unionville, a village suburb of Easton was settled after the Civil War by Union soldiers who were freed slaves from nearby plantations.

What year did the Bay Bridge connect the Western and Eastern Shore of Maryland?


Whose statue is on the Talbot County Courthouse lawn?

Frederick Douglass

Name the sculptor who created the statue.

Jay Hall Carpenter

What store originally occupied Sean’s Music at 12 North Washington Street in Easton?

Shannahan & Wrightson Hardware

What dates appear over the door of the Masonic Temple at 114 North Washington Street in Easton?

1881 and 1930

To whom is the outdoor church bell at Holy Trinity Episcopal Church in Oxford dedicated?

Colonel Laurence LaTourette Driggs

What bank once occupied the Mystery Loves Company bookshop at 202 So. Morris St. in Oxford?

The Bank of Oxford

What is the oldest individual skipjack, and the only one to be named a National Historic Landmark?

Rebecca T. Ruark

Who owns her?

Captain Wade Murphy, Jr.

When was she built?


Famous People from Talbot County

Harold Baines – Retired professional baseball player
Perry Benson – Revolutionary War and War of 1812 hero
Frederick Douglass - The nation's greatest 19th century advocate of black freedom and justice
Tench Tilghman – General George Washington’s aide

County Facts and Symbols

County Seat: Easton
Pronounced: “Tall-Butt”


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